Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Going in a new direction

My favorite books are the kind with a little bit of adventure, a little bit of comedy, and a lot of romance. I tend to stay away from books that tell me how to do something or explain why others do what they do. So it's strange to be looking into books about genealogy research. I started doing this type of research recently so I'm finding books that can help me along in the process. These books claim they can tell me how to conduct research, how to cite sources, and how to write this information into a publishable format. I have base information on all of these tasks to work with, so hopefully when I get one (or more) of these books, I'll be able to just skim through and get the additional information I need.

And on the "current reads" front? I suddenly got busy. Not an excuse, because I know how important and relaxing it is to escape in a book. So, my goal for this week is to crack open a book or two so I can finally have a new review out in a few weeks. Let's hope I can find the time!

1 comment:

Mishu said...

I also like romantic mixed with adventure type books.
Hope u will find what u r looking for.