Monday, April 16, 2012

Review: In Malice, Quite Close: A Novel

In Malice, Quite Close: A Novel
In Malice, Quite Close: A Novel by Brandi Lynn Ryder

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

'In Malice, Quite Close' by Brandi Lynn Ryder is an adventure through a series of lies, deceit and love. Tristan Mourault, a French ex-patriot, finds himself in San Francisco in 1979. It is here he meets Karen Miller, a fifteen year old girl with wide eyes and a need to escape. Tristan feels it is his duty to rescue the young lady from her life, so he fakes her death and whisks her away to an artist's paradise. But this story doesn't end there.

On the surface, this book started to feel like an exploration through the world of the rich and spoiled, but became much more than that. The twists and turns in this novel will keep any reader guessing on what will happen next. The story is told both in a linear fashion and through Tristan's first-hand accounts of significant moments throughout his time with Karen/Gisele. Everyone has a dark secret and you only want to know more with each turn of the page. Anyone that loves a good mystery will want to read this book, even though it deals with a topic that many find disturbing.

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