Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review of Praise of Motherhood

Praise of Motherhood by Phil Jourdan is the story of the death of the narrator's mother, a jolting experience that no matter how many people have gone through the same thing,each experience is unique. The story is told through a number of unique forms that give the reader a sense of urgency, a sense of confusion and of understanding. It is much like living through every single thought that the narrator has when he first hears the news of a problem with his mom all the way up through the stages of grief to a wild dreamlike fantasy of his mother still being alive, if only for a few moments more.

The most compelling part of the book is chapter twelve where the narrator explores his feelings about all the people in his mother's life. Instead of using all the pleasantries he may have said in reality, he describes the people and what he really would have said, had he had the chance to approach them. It shows much more about how much he loved his mother than anything else that could have been said.

Though this book is written in many different forms, it is a powerful read. Anyone who has any affection for their mother, living or not, will appreciate the point of this book.

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    About the author:  Phil Jourdan fronts the lit-rock band Paris and the Hiltons, runs the fiction press Perfect Edge Books, and occasionally works on a PhD. Visit Phil on his blog, music siteTwitter, Facebook, or GoodReads.

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    Emlyn Chand said...

    Thank you for the thoughtful review, Terri. I, too, enjoyed chapter 12 and just the book on the whole for the depth of honesty the author conveyed.

    Thank you for joining us on this tour, and please take a moment to cross-post to Amazon and GoodReads. Thank you!