Thursday, January 31, 2013

Review: If You Were Mine

If You Were Mine
If You Were Mine by Bella Andre

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sometimes love simply isn't in the cards. Zach Sullivan doesn't want to find love only to lose it, convinced that he is fated to end up dying young like his father. After lie upon lie and a betrayal that won't stop, Heather cannot see a way to ever trust a man, let alone love one. However, when these two meet, the connection is so strong that both of them feel like love just may be possible.

'If You Were Mine' is the fifth book in Bella Andre's Sullivans series and it tells the story of one of the middle brother, Zach. Zach has always been the spitting image of his father, so he is convinced he will die young of a brain aneurism. He thinks he has no right to love someone because of that. But when he meets Heather, the dog trainer, all of that is thrown out the window.

This book follows a similar pattern to all of the previous books in the series. The Sullivans are young, vibrant and not looking for love for a number of reasons. Then, they meet the one person that challenges them to break the status quo, to see that love can be a positive experience. It is also an opportunity to show the same type of love to their equally apprehensive partners. Though the storylines become predictable, it is still a series full of romance, heat and heart.

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