Monday, December 16, 2013

Review: Designer Dirty Laundry

Designer Dirty Laundry
Designer Dirty Laundry by Diane Vallere

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A new job in an old hometown is just the refreshing change that Samantha Kidd is looking for when she returns to Ribbon, PA to be the trend specialist for Tradava, giving up a great fashion job in New York City. However, just as she shows up for her first day of work, her new boss is dead, she's approached by her old acquaintance Nick, and the boss's body suddenly disappears. As Samantha tried to navigate the uproar in Ribbon, she is fingered as the likely suspect by the local police. Now she has to spend her time trying to prove herself innocent and find out who is setting her up.

This is one of those books I like to call weekend books because you'll want to finish it quickly to find out what happens. It is a cozy mystery with plenty of intrigue mixed with humor. It's not too dark, even though it does deal with murder, and books that deal with fashion, even in the mystery genre, are always fun to read because of the descriptions of fabulous clothing. This is highly recommended to anyone that loves to get deep into a mystery to help solve it along with the main characters.

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