Thursday, February 11, 2016

Review: X-Files: Season 11, Volume 1

X-Files: Season 11, Volume 1 X-Files: Season 11, Volume 1 by Joe Harris
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

X-Files: Season 11, Volume 1 is the latest volume of comics that follow Agents Mulder and Scully after the events of the original show have ended. It doesn't stick strictly to canon, particularly in the case of who Gibson Praise is as a young adult and Scully returning to the FBI, however it does have the same feel as a typical X-Files story, with that strange and wonderful mix of mystery, suspense and humor. I did not read any of the previous volumes of Season 10 before reading this, so I may have been a little out of the loop on the overall storyline, but it was still an enjoyable read.

The artwork is a little dark and shadowy, but the story is dark itself, so it makes sense for that stylistic choice. I also found it interesting that most of the volume ended up revisiting one of the most controversial X-Files episodes ever made: Home (season 4). I thought that it was a little weird to try and fit this story into the overall arc of Gibson and his relationship with the agents. It kept my interest and I would think many X-Files finds would find something that they like about it.

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