Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Book Spotlight: How To Get To The Other Side: Principles to Purse Your Potential


Motivation & Self-Improvement


Join Warren Nichols on his journey from a curious college student to an influential leader in “How to Get to the Other Side.”

During freshman orientation at the College of Charleston, Warren Nichols hears a strangely dressed professor pose the question “How will you get to the other side?” Though focused primarily on having fun during his first semester away from home, Nichols can’t forget the question or the thoughts it conjures up in his mind. As luck would have it, he keeps running into this Professor Humbert, first on the crosswalk on the first day of class, then again as he stumbles into his Public Speaking class late. Ironically, he then finds out that his only assignment in Mr. Humbert’s class will be to present a speech answering that very thought-provoking question.

In “How to Get to the Other Side” you will join Nichols as he seeks to discover answers to the many questions in his (and most other college students’) minds. Questions such as:
*Who am I?
*Where am I headed in life?
*What are my goals? and How will I achieve them?
*What career and job are best suited for me?

The difference is that instead of finding the answers to these questions alone, Nichols finds many mentors along the way who relate all of his questions about his life to the concept of “Building a Bridge.” Before he is even aware, Nichols becomes an expert not only answering these questions in his own life, but also guiding others to answering their questions as well.

This book is available in paperback ($9.99) and on Kindle ($4.99) from Amazon.

About the Author: 

Zachary Brewster, PHR, is the Chief Visionary Officer. For over a decade he has aided organizations in talent acquisition, workforce development and strategic planning. He is the author of “How to Get to the Other Side”, which includes many of the tools and foundational principles that are at the core of our purpose. He has had the privilege of working with Fortune 100-Fortune 500 Companies, Colleges and Universities, Civic and Community Organizations. You can find out more at The Bridge Builder

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