Saturday, March 25, 2017

Review: The Writer

The Writer The Writer by D.W. Ulsterman
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Writer explores a meeting between a writer named Decklan who has become a recluse since his wife's disappearance and a young college student named Adele looking to get a great story. Through their meeting, Adele learns that not all is quite what it seems in the San Juan Islands.

Although this book starts off with an intriguing premise, it loses its grip after a few chapters. The cover says it's a "dark thriller" but dark and thrilling it is not. For most of the book, you get serious details about what everyone is wearing, which takes away from the urgency needed to have a thriller element to it. Pair those descriptions with the fact that Adele never seems to really be in any danger makes the story fall flat. In a true dark thriller, the main character doesn't escape unscathed, physically or emotionally.

The story is wrapped up nicely--a little to nicely given the circumstances. But the part that really didn't sit well with me was the epilogue. Not only was Adele's finished article focused on herself rather than her subject, it went to the point of absurdity when she brags about getting the exclusive interview because she's the only one that they trust. No editor (even for college publications) would have ever let that go to print.

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