Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Review: The 60s: The Story of a Decade

The 60s: The Story of a Decade The 60s: The Story of a Decade by The New Yorker
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The 60s is the third installment of decade overview collections from The New Yorker. This installment contains a wide range of nonfiction articles, reviews, fiction and poetry from the 1960s. Topics vary and include the civil right movement, the counterculture, music festivals, Vietnam, computers and much more.

Overall, this is a great collection that explores all of the topics that made the 1960s still a huge talking point today. Getting more specific, some of the articles are a bit long-winded. It's also a little difficult to keep an interest in reviews on things that cannot be explored on your own, such as reviews of theater performances. Other than that, it is something that anyone looking for a snapshot of the decade should check out.

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