Monday, January 8, 2018

Book Spotlight: The Career Kickstart: Your 28-Day Action Plan for Finding Your Dream Job




J.G. Somers, a prolific writer and author, has completed her new book The Career Kickstart Your 28-Day Action Plan for Finding Your Dream Job: a perfect discussion for individuals seeking for better opportunities in their career; this book talks about the basic rules and mindset when looking for a job to either jumpstart or upgrade one’s curriculum vitae. 

Author Somers emphasizes that a healthy work environment will yield to a more productive employee: “Most of the people that I’ve worked with that disliked their job didn’t hate their work environment but, rather, hated what they had to do day in, day out. Within a month or two of finding a new job with the same responsibilities, they would be unhappy, switch to another company, and again the cycle would continue. Every few years or so, look inward and ask yourself who have you become, where your interest lies now, and what potential opportunities are out there. The following insight isn’t just for the unhappy employee but for every one of us.” 

Published by New York City-based Page Publishing, J.G. Somers’s engaging account is the perfect tool for new graduates and people looking for the perfect company that fits their skill set and qualifications. It also provides tips on how to make an effective resume, compose a convincing cover letter, and what to do during a job interview in order to nail that position and hear the sweet words “You’re hired!” 

Readers who wish to experience this fascinating guide can purchase The Career Kickstart Your 28-Day Action Plan for Finding Your Dream Job at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, Kobo, or Barnes and Noble

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About the Author:

J.G. Somers is the author of The Career Kickstart: Your 28-Day Action Plan for Finding Your Dream Job.

Like many people, Somers found that what she studied in college and what type of job she actually wanted ended up being two very different things. However, through careful planning, bold action, and focused goals she has managed to successfully transition between several different careers.

Somers originally graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. However, she ended up spending years working in higher education and state government in human resources and as an analyst.

Later, Somers transitioned again, earning her MBA and working as a senior business analyst. Along her personal journey she has had the opportunity to help others find their dream job.

Her varied work and educational background have shown her the power of standing out from the rest of the job candidates and how you can show recruiters and hiring managers that you are their perfect candidate.

Career Kickstart is an action-oriented guide that helps job seekers understand the mindset of the people they will be interviewing with. It also helps job seekers sharpen their resumes, cover letters, and interview skills gradually. Somers takes the overwhelming process of job seeking and breaks it down into small, manageable steps.

Job seekers will find that after working through Career Kickstart they have the confidence and the skills to get their dream job.

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