Monday, January 15, 2018

Review: The Company of Demons

The Company of Demons The Company of Demons by Michael Jordan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

John Coleman is a lawyer who is haunted by the fact that his dad spent years working on a serial killer case, only to commit suicide because of it. In the present day, Coleman's worst nightmare has come true--the Butcher is back and killing again. Not only that, the Butcher has taken to killing some people close to Coleman.

This book tries to work with three very different storylines: the Torso murders, the Butcher, and issues with a Mexican drug cartel. John Coleman seems to be in the middle of it all, and even though he is not a cop, somehow always seems to show up at crime scenes to the point where the cops just throw up their hands and start talking to him about things they should be keeping close to the vest.

On top of that, as a reader you'll definitely grow to hate John Coleman. He's not a bad guy, but every decision he makes is bad. And when he has to face the consequences of his bad choices, he thinks he should immediately be forgiven by those he hurt repeatedly. While it was a decent thriller, it doesn't quite leave you satisfied at the end, mostly because you end up rooting for those who are after the main character, rather than wanting the main character to triumph.

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