Sunday, February 4, 2018

Book Spotlight: 7 Simple Tricks To Remembering Names: How to Recall Names of People You Meet



Memory Improvement/ Adult & Continuing Education


Forgetting a name can be worse than embarrassing—it can cost you in reputation, relationships, or even business. Remembering a name, on the other hand, makes you look great and can open doors.

Most of us have trouble remembering things — we’re only human, after all. The good news: Your brain has enormous memory capacity; you just need to learn how to use it.

7 Simple Tricks to Remembering Names is here to help with easy-to-remember tricks you can use anytime, anywhere. Use the techniques inside to unlock your brain’s powerful memory potential today.

You will learn:
 •Why the human brain discards information—even information you’ll need
 •How to memorize names (and more!) and access them anytime
 •How to build your “memory palace” and store all the information you want
 •Memory techniques that work for YOU

The human brain — YOUR brain — can remember names and so much more. Are you ready to unleash your amazing memory? Read 7 Simple Tricks to Remembering Names and start making better connections now.

Ready to learn the skills it takes to remember everyone's name? Purchase this title from Amazon.

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