Friday, February 9, 2018

Book Spotlight: My Black History





Love and respect prove virtuous above all else in Nicole A. Jones' book, My Black History
A kind grandmother relates the lessons yet to be learned from mankind's past travesties.

In a world so vivid with color and a society so beautifully diverse, there's an overwhelming amount of impressionable, young minds to educate and inspire.

With insightful text and compelling illustrations on every page, a kind and sensible grandmother sits down with her grandchildren and relates the lessons yet to be learned from mankind's past travesties. In doing so, she also introduces just some of the many revolutionary men and women who've long began the massive overturning of an old-fashioned mentality.

With discrimination still plaguing modern-day civilization, we're reminded of the importance of rising above its critical view in a strenuous effort to leave the world better than when we found it.

Nicole A. Jones' rhythmic and candid approach will have young readers enthralled as well as enlightened for generations to come.

You can purchase My Black History (paperback and ebook) from Amazon.

About the Author:


Nicole A. Jones is an avid writer, published author, and successful businesswoman. She is the founder of N. Jones Enterprise LLC, a professional writing and publishing company in Woodbridge, Virginia and N. Jones Music, a subsidiary of N. Jones Enterprise LLC. She is also an affiliate songwriter and publisher of the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers (SESAC) performing rights organization.

Ms. Jones started writing as an avenue to relieve herself of the pain of several consecutive losses in her life but over time she had accumulated a collection of writing in the form of poetry, journals and songs.

When asked, what makes her writings so unique, she says, “I am not a distant writer. I walk through the storms of life with my eyes opened. I not only know what fear, pain, and hurt feel like, I also know what they look like. Despite the boisterous winds and rain and dark clouds I’m facing, I write."

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