Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Book Spotlight: Through an Opaque Window


Women's Fiction/Romance


After four years of struggling to find happiness in their traditional marriage, Sienna Rivera and Declan Simmer agree to a sexually opaque arrangement. Their only two rules are to never bring a lover home, and to never become emotionally attached to a lover. While Sienna’s career as a NYC hotelier flourishes and their newly agreed opaque relationship shows promise, one evening, she wakes up from a stirring dream. She dreamt of being with her best male friend, Ian Mathisen, from college. 
Sienna would potentially break the rules by becoming involved with Ian. She proceeds to go through the motions of her everyday life. Declan frequently travels for business and is rarely at home because of his demanding work schedule. To heal her loneliness, she embarks on emotionally convoluted dates with her best friend, and while not sexually charged, the dates rapidly seem like emotional affairs.

Declan is appalled and devastated when he finds a manuscript his wife wrote about a hypothetical, detailed romance between characters loosely based on Sienna and Ian. He realizes that his wife has fallen for her best friend, so he asks for a divorce.

Sienna runs off to Switzerland with Ian while he is on a film project for his own production company. They spend the summer together abroad, attempting to revive memories from their college days when they studied abroad together. Despite the romantic setting, Sienna’s fantasies don’t mesh with routine reality when Ian becomes so busy with his production project. Meanwhile, Ian is still in love with another woman who he has delayed committing to in the midst of his affair with Sienna.

She spends most of her days wandering the city and confronts her fears of failure. She knows that she has been running away from all aspects of her life, including her career and marriage, along with past hurts from her childhood—sexual abuse from her uncle—and college—the night she was raped by her college boyfriend, all which were alluded to throughout the novel.
Understanding her fantasy expectations don’t line up with the day-to-day, she decides to start her own hospitality consultancy firm and leaves Switzerland to be with her husband, seeking his forgiveness. They spend more time with each other and their families now that Declan has taken a different position at his company, lessening the amount of business travel he used to do. 
While romantic feelings still linger between Ian and Sienna, they enjoy their friendship love to its fullest extent. Sienna learns that she can still love both her husband and her best friend, but she loves them both in different ways.

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About the Author:

Born in the Philippines, raised in New Jersey, and currently living in New York City, Kelly Ann Gonzales works in the hotel industry. She is also the Editor-In-Chief of ALPHA FEMALE SOCIETY. Her published works include the novels VIDEO GAMES (2014) & THROUGH AN OPAQUE WINDOW (2018), and “A SHAGGY, SHAGGY DOG STORY” featured in the Penultimate Peanut literary magazine. She has an insatiable passion for travel, hospitality, and all things written and to be read.  

Visit www.KELLYANNGONZALES.com for more information.

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