Friday, March 9, 2018

Review: 806

806 806 by Cynthia Weil
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What would you do if you found out that your father wasn't the person you thought he was? For KT, this is just the beginning of a whirlwind adventure that leads her not only to her father and the family she never thought she had, but also to discovering more about herself.

KT knows that love is a big joke—she's seen it laugh in the face of her own mom plenty of times. So when her friend Dylan's overtures don't seem to phase her, she goes on a mission to find out more about herself by finding her father. What she gets in the process is a revelation that she's the daughter of an anonymous sperm donor—Donor 806—and a couple of brand new siblings that don't seem to be anything like her. They set out on a journey to find out who they are together and as individuals.

This book is a fun adventure, even though it deals with the pretty serious topic of finding yourself—whether that's because of or in spite of your family's influence and genetics. As a serious reader I probably shouldn't say this, but this story has a very cinematic quality—it could make an awesome movie. I didn't really pick up KT's serious hostility that's mentioned quite a lot in the book, but on the screen it would probably be much more apparent.

Overall, this is a great book for anyone that loves to go along on the quintessential YA journey with characters that are fun and seem pretty real.

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