Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Review: The High Season

The High Season The High Season by Judy Blundell
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The High Season is a look into the variety that is Long Island--mostly middle of the way, down to earth communities sprinkled here and there with the glitz and glamour from Hollywood, investment banking and the world art scene.

The book follows Ruthie, someone that is a full-time resident of the North Fork. She and her estranged husband have a beautiful house on the water, but because it's too much to afford, they spend the summer seasons renting it out to the well-to-do from Manhattan. Ruthie and Mike are raising their teen Jem, who has plenty of issues of her own, coupled with Mike's new foray into romance and Ruthie's troubles working for the local museum. To add to their situation for the summer, the person that rents their house is one of the most well known people to ever grace North Fork with her presence, the former wife of artist Peter Clay.

What may turn off readers at the beginning (reading about rich people summering in a fabulous location) quickly fades in the first few chapters, because you realize that it is Ruthie's story, and Ruthie is anything but glamourous, even if she used to be Peter Clay's assistant. What draws you in and keeps you turning the pages is the fact that Ruthie keeps making one bad decision after another, even though she's always trying to make things right with someone or with herself. You are also privy to everyone else's decisions and how that influences what steps Ruthie will take next for her job, her family and her sanity. The book paints a well-rounded picture of what it's like to spend time mixing classes and how money makes little difference when you are determined to do something.

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