Thursday, June 21, 2018

Book Spotlight: Do You Realize? A Novel


Time Travel/Metaphysical


George is quite happy being unhappy. But when a philosophical physics professor gives him an Apple watch that allows him to visit his past, his forced to face his greatest fears.

Winner of four national literary awards including Gold in the 2018 eLit Book Award for Science Fiction.

Do You Realize? is available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. You can also add this book to your Goodreads shelves. 

About the Author:

Kevin Kuhn lives in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, with his wife Melinda, three children, and two fierce schnoodles. He is a technology executive who enjoys sipping cheap bourbon, avoiding yard work, and living vicariously through his children's sports. While Kevin has no musical skill whatsoever, he appreciates a broad spectrum of artists from Pink Floyd to Prince and Radiohead to the Rolling Stones. His golf game is horrific with flashes of mediocrity.

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