Wednesday, July 29, 2009

At a loss on summer reading

It's a terrible thing to happen, but I haven't been able to check a single book off of my summer reading list. With packing, constantly changing jobs/clients, and trying to find some balance in my life, reading was put on hold. For a writer, that's the first step towards sabotaging everything you have worked so hard for in your career. And it stops today. I will get back on the reading bandwagon full force - after all, what good is writing a blog about writing book reviews without new books to review?

I also want to branch out. I probably can't afford it, but I want to try and find some obscure books that I know I would take an interest in. Some of the ones I have been trying to locate are books that movies were based on in the Golden Age of Hollywood. Many of the movies that I'm thinking of were not even box office hits. Most of these titles can be found in the public domain, which gives me hope that maybe the original book that they based script on is floating out in the public domain as well.

I did find a pretty good site called Chasing the Frog that provides some of the more popular titles. I'll have to do some more exploring for the lesser-known titles. I'll let you know what I find.

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Sandy said...

Hope things calm down for you so you can get some summer reading in. Save yourself money and don't buy books, go to the library, or if you have a used book store in your area try that. Once you read it, you can sell it back to them.

Thanks for placing my ad, it's appreciated. Hope you'll swing by for a visit.