Wednesday, August 5, 2009

started another one

The three titles I'm in the middle of right now (Boom!, Norton Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Poetry: Book 1, and the Selected Writings of Gertrude Stein) are still at my old apartment for a few more days. Since I finally found time to read again, I had to choose a new book for the moment. I chose Up Island by Anne Rivers Siddons. I am only about six pages into the story so far, but I already have a comment: does Siddons always talk about sororities? I'm not complaining or against the mention of that type of institution, although the idea of paying for friends is not something I participated in during my college years. I know that some writers like to include one or two things that are dear to their hearts or that they have first-hand knowledge of. For instance, most of my characters either know how to write or appreciate classic movies, TV, and music.

The reason for the question is because I read Outer Banks a few years ago, and the sorority was a huge part of the plot. I kind of want to be prepared if that's the norm in her books since Low Country is include with Up Island.

Now I will keep my mouth shut until I finish the book so that I can give it a fair assessment. Every author deserves that kind of respect when anyone reviews their work.

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