Saturday, April 28, 2012

Review: This Burns My Heart

This Burns My Heart
This Burns My Heart by Samuel Park

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

'This Burns My Heart' by Samuel Park is a look into the revolutionary changes that the 60s brought to the world--including post-war South Korea. Soo-Ja, a daughter of a wealthy family, is young and in love with the idea of exploring the world as a diplomat. But when she gets involved with two revolutionary men who want to change the world, she decides to marry one of them. But Soo-Ja soon finds out that she had made the wrong decision, leading to years of suffering.

Not only must Soo-Ja bear the burden of a lazy husband, she is also burdened with in-laws that use and abuse their power over her in a traditional Asian society. Most of the book is kind of depressing when at nearly every pivotal moment, Soo-Ja makes choices that only work against making her life better. Although this book does have a redeeming ending, it is much more about the idea of learning lessons rather than feeling sorry for Soo-Ja. Like the main character wonders in her own mind, what would her life have been without the challenges that made her who she was? This book would interest anyone who is a sucker for a love story, even if it takes a few hundred pages to get there.

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