Friday, April 12, 2013

Review: Truth Like the Sun

Truth Like the Sun
Truth Like the Sun by Jim Lynch

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Truth Like the Sun by Jim Lynch is an interesting look at the rise of Seattle through the World's Fair of 1962 the famed Space Needle. Roger Morgan, deemed as the father of the World's Fair, decides to run for local office decades later. Helen Gulanos, a sharp newspaper reporter, is initially assigned a story on the anniversary of fair, but ends up covering much more about Morgan, his past and what role his acquaintances played in gambling and corruption throughout the city.

Although this book deals with city corruption, politics and reporting, it is a slow stroll through the events in the novel rather than a full-on sprint. There's no sense of urgency typically found in novels dealing with this topic, but it does give readers time to stop and reflect at each point in the novel, especially during the chapters that flash back to 1962.

Overall, the novel is well-written, even if the pace is a little slow. Those who live in Seattle or are very familiar with this city and its history may enjoy this book even more than most readers.

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