Thursday, August 1, 2013

Review: Forever, Interrupted

Forever, Interrupted
Forever, Interrupted by Taylor Jenkins Reid

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Forever, Interrupted by Taylor Jenkins Reid is the emotional story of Elsie Porter Ross, a young woman who had love thrust upon her only to have it taken away just as quickly. In the novel, the reader sees Elsie go from happy newlywed to recently widowed in a matter of days. In order to tell the story as it should be told, Ben and Elsie's love story is interwoven through the tragedy she must face, not only with the death of her husband, but with the first meeting of her mother-in-law at the hospital just hours after Ben's death. Because Ben had not told his mother about Elsie, questions arise as to whether the marriage was real and whether knowing someone for only six months can truly count in the eyes of those who have been together for years.

This book flips back and forth between the time Ben and Elsie met back to the current situation with the death of Ben and the aftermath Elsie must deal with. It puts the reader on a roller coaster of emotional experiences, but it does it in a way that breaks up the sadder parts into digestible pieces. The happier parts of their love are explored as well, providing the reader with the basis of the gut-wrenching emotions Elsie must go through. On top of that, Elsie must deal with a mother-in-law she has never met and who understandably questions the situation since she is still grieving for her own deceased love.

This author knows how to write a story. It's not all sad, but it's not all sweet and lovely either. There is humor, heartbreak and a chance to think deeply about the love in anyone's life. It opens doors to questions about love and relationships that only the two people in any relationship can truly answer. It is a must read for anyone who believes that true love can happen anytime, anywhere.

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