Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review: Connected by the Sea

Connected by the Sea
Connected by the Sea by E.L. Todd

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Connected by the Sea by E.L. Todd is a romantic story that captures the heart. The story takes place in Hawaii. Sydney is a young college student looking to find her way in life and her career. She has a loyal best friend named Henry, though she cannot see that he is in love with her. They all agree that classmate Coen must be a total jerk, but Sydney finds herself falling for him. After she is hired to be his tutor, it is all over. She cannot stop thinking about him, and he's proving to her that he's far from being a jerk.

This book combined a great storyline with a few steamy scenes. What I wanted to see more of is the landscape of Hawaii in the the writing, as well as a little more realism in the dialogue. Some of the dialogue just seemed more convenient than convincing. Other than that, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who's looking to delve into a good romance.

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