Monday, March 31, 2014

Review: Savage Girl

Savage Girl
Savage Girl by Jean Zimmerman

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Savage Girl by Jean Zimmerman is a historic novel set in the gilded age of New York City. The Delegate family, one of the rich socialite families, takes a summer adventure to Virginia City where they first encounter the Savage Girl. In an attempt to replace her lost daughter, Anna Maria Delegate takes her under her wing and wants to prove to everyone that she can have her ready to be debuted during the next social season. Hugo, the oldest son, has fallen in love with the girl, but with a trail of dead bodies following the family around, he doesn't know if he's in love with a girl or a murderer.

I liked many aspects of this book, including the occasional back and forth from present to past to tell the story of how Hugo ended up being accused of a murder himself. The book also seemed well researched and included many small details that made the grand setting glimmer. Although the book starts out a little slow, it will quickly capture your attention and you will want to read it to the end.

*Reviewer received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads

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