Saturday, January 27, 2018

Book Spotlight: In Bt.


Fiction - Fantasy/Adventure


The story of the in-betweens starts off with a boy who meets three great loves in his journeys and learns how each love might influence him as a person lost in a beautiful yet cruel world.

It then follows with the footsteps of a girl called Becky, a fleet-footed angel who traverses onto the stony paths in Essex following the misfortune that befell her mentor Mister Chase.

Both protagonists eventually find each other in a time of great turmoil and they would have to find something magical together to fend off the threats of a lifetime.

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About the Author:

The author seems to be a recluse and doesn't accept much from anyone, and is probably very fat, or desperately thin, whatever you may wish to imagine. He is also as handsome as Adonis and ugly. What's more interesting is that he holds a strange fascination with Sparrow and Mister Chase, two protagonists of another adventure. Their fates seemed to be intertwined together. Will you help him make their struggles a reality? ;)

You can find out more about the author from the author's website, Facebook page, or Twitter.

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