Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Review: Dorothy Parker Drank Here

Dorothy Parker Drank Here
Dorothy Parker Drank Here by Ellen Meister

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dorothy Parker is an icon--and one that is often used in fiction. Some of these stories fall flat, but Dorothy Parker Drank Here is one of the good ones. Seated at her favorite bar in the Algonquin Hotel, Parker not only delivers her wit and hilarity throughout this novel, but she also gets to show her soft side while helping out some new-found friends.

Norah Wolfe is trying to save her job with a hard news talk show. Ted Shriver is trying to die in peace. When Norah's idea of saving the show involves an interview with Shriver who hasn't spoken publicly in more than two decades, the story becomes a fast-paced race to the finish for both of them. But only Dorothy Parker can make sure that each of them know the truth about each other, which could change everything.

This book was amazing. I know that Dorothy Parker in novels can sometimes feel like a cheap party trick, but the author took great care in Parker's role int he story and it made it feel like you could walk into the bar at the Algonquin today and find Parker sitting their, sipping a gin and tonic. I would love to explore more of Meister's writings.

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